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Test Topics

1. Physical Chemistry
2. Inorganic Chemistry
3. Organic Chemistry
4. Analytical Chemistry

Test References

a) Physical Chemistry
   1. Levine, R. N., “Physical Chemistry”, 5th ed., 2002,  McGraw-Hill.       
   2. Atkins, P. W. and J. de Paula, “Physical Chemistry”, 8th ed., 2006, W.H. Freeman  Co..

b) Inorganic Chemistry
  1. Huheey, J. E. and E. Schore, “Inorganic Chemistry”, 4th ed., 1993, Harper- Collins College Publisher.
   2. Atkins, P. W. and D. F. Shiver, “Inorganic Chemistry”, 3rd  ed., 2006,  W. H. Freeman Co..

c) Organic Chemistry
   1.Vollhardt, P. C. and N. E. Schore, “Organic Chemistry”, 4th ed., 2007, W.H. Freeman Co..
   2. Morrison, R. T. and R. N. Boyd, “Organic Chemistry”, 6th ed., 1992, Prentice –Hall.   

d) Analytical Chemistry
   1. Shoog, D. A., “Fundamental of Analytical Chemistry”, 8th ed., 2003, Cengage Learning.
   2. Skoog, D. A., F. J. Holler and T. A. Nieman, “Principle of Instrumental Analysis”, 5th ed., 1998,  Harcourt College Publishing.     

Note: The exams in Chemistry Olympiad are given in the English language.

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