Who can participate

The university students in the third or fourth year studying (Applied or Pure) Mathematics or Chemistry can each take part in the event in a team comprised of five students and one team leader from each country. The applicants can obtain visas by calling the International Center for Scientific Olympiad for University Students, filling the individual information from below, and referring to Iranian embassies in their respective countries.
Every student can participate in this olympiad just twice and not more.

Individual information from:     pdf file

The Olympiad Examinations are usually held in July every year. The exact  time will be announced in due time.
For more information on the procedures and registration, call or contact the Olympiad Headquarter located at the Office of Vice-Chancellor for Technical and Research Studies, The National Organization for Educational Testing (NOET) at the following address:  

No. 204 Karim Khan Zand Avenue, Tehran , IRAN.
Postal Code: 14155-6131
Tel:  (098) (21) 88923798
Fax: (098) (21) 88922244
website: http://olympiad.Sanjesh.org
e-mail: olympiad@sanjesh.org


Center of Scientific Olympiads for University Student     08/03/2016